On switching, Plurium can supply any loose boards/modules (E1/T1, Signaling, Controller, Clock, Alarm…) up to fully loaded shelves or cabinets configured as per your specifications.

We offer pre-owned rates 50-90% below list price.

At Plurium, our goal is to deliver affordable, high quality, comprehensive solutions for our customers. All hardware is equipped with the necessary accessories to be “plug-and-play ready.” Pre-owned equipment is tested by an experienced engineer. Affordable warranty and maintenance options are available.

The list of equipment we offer range from but not limited to:

– NORTEL DMS, CS2000                              – ERICSSON AXE10, AXE810

s1                                      s2

– SIEMENS EWSD                                           – NOKIA DX200

s5                                    s4

– ALCATEL S12, E10